Original Handmade Wood Christmas / Holiday Nut Bowls

VanEss Expressions is ceasing all operations.

We will sell what little remains in our On Line Store , but then we are going to
re-think exactly what we want we want to do & how best to proceed in the future.

VanEss Expressions is a Ma & Pa operation - and both work full time 'regular' jobs.
We started VanEss Expressions because we love working with wood and creating
unique & original wood gifts and home decor items. But in the past few years - it has
started to totally consume our lives, and we have found it just impossible to keep up.
We hope to be back someday- but I don't know when.

We apologize for not responding to those who have recently sent in inquiries,
and our sincere apologies and 'Thanks' to our long time, devoted customers.

All of our original Christmas Holiday Nut Bowls are individually handmade from 100% hard-wood. Our standard types of wood are Oak, Maple, Hickory, Walnut, Ash, and Cherry. All of our holiday nut bowls have the wood set perpendicular for a very unique striping effect. And each Christmas nut bowl has a decorative wood stem/handle that rises from a center pedestal (which conveniently holds the tools) .

Our Christmas holiday nut bowls are individually handcrafted in three general sizes. 'Standard', ‘Large’, and ‘Party’.  Both 'standard' & 'large' nut bowls include 1 nutcracker & 2 picks. Our 'Party' nut bowls come with 2 nutcrackers & 4 picks.

Wood Nut Bowls - traditional holiday entertaining and Christmas decor.

Christmas / Holiday Nut bowls are a tradition in many homes - part of the Christmas decorations and holiday entertaining. When you break out the Christmas decorations, make sure to include the holiday nut bowl.

Wood Nut Bowls - make unique Christmas / Holiday gifts

Original, individually handmade wood nut bowls make unique Christmas gifts - gifts that will be appreciated for many years. Christmas gifts for newly weds. Christmas gifts for new homeowners. Christmas gifts for young adult starting out on their own. But, no need to wait for Christmas to give a unique, handmade wood nut bowl.

Below are examples of the handmade Christmas Holiday Nut Bowls we have made in the past. To see the wood nut bowls currently available, go to our Wood Nut Bowls page.

Christmas Decorations – Christmas Gifts / Nut Bowls - Oak 'Party' Nut Bowl w 2 nutcrackers & 4 picks. Classic rounded shape..
Christmas Gift Ideas – Holiday Decor / Nut Bowls - Standard Dark Walnut Nut Bowl, with thin Oak accent stripe. Slightly rounded sides.

Christmas Decor – Holiday Gift Ideas / Nut Bowls - Unique Large Cherry Nut Bowl with American Walnut rim and Cherry stem. Straight sides, slightly angled.
Christmas Holiday Decor – Holiday Decorations / Nut Bowls - Unique Cherry 'Party' Nut Bowl with widely flared Walnut rim. Custom made.
 Gifts for Christmas Gift Giving / Nut Bowls - Standard Ash (very light) nut bowl with slightly flared rim.

Holiday Gifts – Christmas Holiday Decorations / Nut Bowls - Handmade Standard Oak Nut Bowl with coved edges. 1 nutcracker & 2 picks included.
Traditional Christmas Decorations – Unique Christmas Gifts / Nut Bowls - Unusual Maple Nut Bowl with American Walnut stripe and stem/handle. Handmade. Straight, slightly angled sides.
Unique Christmas Gift Idea – Handmade Christmas Gifts / Nut Bowls - Standard solid Cherry Nut Bowl. Classic shape with nutcracker & 2 picks

Christmas Holiday Gift Idea – Unusual Christmas Gifts / Nut Bowls - Unique Large Oak nut bowl with thick Dark Walnut rim and Oak stem.
Christmas Holiday Decor – Holiday Gift Ideas / Nut Bowls - Large Custom Made Nut Bowl combining Walnut, Cherry & Maple with Walnut stem. Very unusual.
Christmas Holiday Decor – Holiday Decorations / Nut Bowls - Dark Walnut 'Party' Nut Bowl with slight flare and decorative groves. 2 nutcrackers & 4 picks included.
Gifts for Christmas Gift Giving – Unique Holiday Gifts  / Nut Bowls - Unusual Hickory 'Party' Nut Bowl with rounded sides. 2 nutcrackers & 4 nut picks.
Christmas Holiday Gift Ideas – Unusual Christmas Gifts / Nut Bowls - Dark Walnut Nut Bowl with unique rolled Hickory rim and Walnut stem. Custom made.
Christmas Gift Ideas – Holiday Decor / Nut Bowls - Standard (Cream) Cherry Nut Bowl with angled sides and decorative groves.
 Handmade Christmas Gifts – Holiday Decorations / Nut Bowls - Unique Maple, Cherry & Walnut Nut Bowl with Maple stem/handle. Very rounded sides.
Unique Christmas Gifts – Holiday Gift Ideas / Nut Bowls - Standard handmade solid Ash Nut Bowl with straight sides and rounded edges.
Traditional Christmas Decorations – Holiday Gifts / Nut Bowls - Standard Dark Walnut Nut Bowl with Oak rim & stem/handle. Angled sides.
Christmas Gifts – Holiday Decor / Nut Bowls - Unique Dark Walnut 'Party' Nut Bowl with straight sides and thin Oak accent stripe.

VanEss Expressions is a very small woodworking company, handcrafting original & custom wood gifts & home decor items in our Minnesota workshop. And what better Christmas gifts or holiday decor, than original, individually handcrafted Wood Nut Bowls.

Unique Christmas Gifts - appreciated for many Christmas' to come.

100% Hard-Wood - 100% HandMade in the USA

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